Many Unions Put Politics over Representation of Their Members

by Alex Bolt A few recent stories have shown how unions often value partisan political activities over fair representation of their members. The first story is a case of union-on-union crime: in the wake of the chaos in Ferguson, Missouri, the New York Federation of Teachers under Michael Mulgrew has joined Al Sharpton’s protest against […]

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Right-to-work push goes local

By Sean Higgins | September 1, 2014 | 5:00 am Conservatives are starting to push the idea that city and county governments can pass union-restricting right-to-work laws, even though it may not be legal and has been tried only a handful of times in the last 70 years. Right-to-work laws prohibit union contracts that require […]

Labor Day Address: Laboratories of Democracy

Please find below our 2014 Labor Day address entitled “Laboratories of Democracy”.  Please feel free to share as widely as possible and have a wonderful and safe Labor Day!!!                                                     […]


Poor Performers: Forced-Union States at the Bottom of Manufacturing GDP Growth

There are several factors that cause employment gains and losses across states, regions, as well as nations. Political climates, tax and regulatory burdens, as well as union density are among the factors that can affect a state’s employment. Whether or not a state has laws that prohibit unions from requiring union fees as a condition […]

Free at Last: How and Why Union Members Leave their Unions (VIDEO)

  Throughout the country, millions of union members would leave their union if they could do so without penalty. This information comes from a new poll that will be released at this event. Why do so many union employees want to leave their union? What was it like for those who have left or are […]

Coalition Tells Union Members How to Drop Out

By Melanie Trottman While organized labor explores new ways to get workers into unions, a coalition that includes some well-known conservative groups is telling union members how get out. The coalition, which has grown to 79 groups in 44 states from 60 groups in 35 states over the past year, kicked off its second annual […]


Union members can opt out during National Employee Freedom Week, Aug. 10-16

Victor Joecks • | August 10, 2014 Four million Americans want to leave their union, but either they don’t know that they can or they don’t know how to do so. For many of them, now is the time to act: August is opt-out month for many unions nationwide. This number comes from a just-released […]


A Strange Antagonism: Right-To-Work Laws Versus Libertarian Theory

by George Leef Right-to-work laws (RTW) constantly take criticism from Big Labor and its anti-market allies. Those laws are said to undermine all-important worker solidarity by permitting some workers to become “free riders” by not paying dues. Unions despise dissenters and have a long, nasty history of “dealing” with workers who want nothing to do […]